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Shoal Creek has two boat ramps available for public use. Anglers enjoy catching a variety of fish here including catfish, crappie, largemouth bass, and smallmouth bass. In addition to fishing, you can also enjoy swimming, boating, , buyer and seller of recreational and residential land in America. We purchase large tracts of highly desirable recreational and residential land, and with the individual homeowner in mind, our company then develops and sells buildable homesites. Legal disclaimers The Principals and Managers of High Country Land Lakes have spent the most of the last two decades developing and selling recreational properties. Our experience and expertise allow us to create very rare offerings of prime Texas acreage ranches at well below market prices. We look at hundreds of properties for every one we bring to market.rural homes near meABOUT CHARLESTON AREA RURAL COUNTRY COMMUNITIES Mentions légales 8211 SOS PRONOS © 2021. Tous droits réservés. SEO réalisé par Romain Cécillon de lAgence HTW-Marketing "Joe DiAngelo was a tremendous asset for us in our property search. He is extremely knowledgeable the home back on the market to sell again. Lenders know this, which is why they agree to short sales. ANo. Both of your lenders will need to be satisfied in some way to complete the short sale. If your first lender will be paid off by the sale, then you just negotiate the terms with the second lender. Most short sales do involve 1st and 2nd lien holder. Simply put, a “Short Sale” is when you owe $400,000.00 on your home but the current market value on your home is $350,000.00. The “Short” is $50,000.00. In the past, The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Act forgave that short amount from any tax liability. The $50,000.00 which is considered a capital gain is considered income by the IRS. This law expired in 2017 so if you were to short sale today, you would have a tax liability. Talk to your CPA for more information. """"""""